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Why should your alarm be monitored?

Without monitoring you would be relying on the siren to scare them away or a neighbor to notify the proper authorities whether that would be burglary, fire or medical.

Some insurance companies may offer a discount when your system is monitored.

The monitoring company we use is CMS monitoring. They use three different stations to ensure that you will always get the authorities there as soon as possible.


We use Cms monitoring for our security alarm system needs.Cms is the best that’s why we chose them to be our monitoring company.

Since 1978, CMS has been providing high quality monitoring nationwide. Today, Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) is the largest wholesale alarm monitoring company in the United States, serving more than 3,500 alarm companies and their 800,000 customers. Our broad range of monitoring services includes response to security, fire, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), environmental and interactive services such as two-way voice and remote video.

Our three UL Listed, FM Approved monitoring centers, located in California, Florida and New Jersey, are networked together to provide true national redundancy and best-in-class disaster recovery.Basic monitoring connected to a phone line is just $20 per month which can be billed quarterly,semi annually or yearly.The next step up is cellular monitoring which is $30 per month billed quarterly,semi annually or yearly.The cellular can be installed only if the at&t or Verizon signal is a fairly good signal,meaning at-least 2-3 bars.The next is cellular with the remote service total connect which lets you arm and disarm the system remotely and many other options.

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