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Why should you have a surveillance system?  Cameras are a good deterrent and also when needed can be a great help for evidence for police.There are a variety of ways to use a system like,outside of your your home or office to view a parking lot or yard.We custom design systems to your needs and budget.The cameras have different options like picture resolution,lens for wide view or close up views.Zoom lens that you can adjust remotely or a motorized pan and tilt camera for parking lots or wide areas to be covered.Infrared cameras are to view at night time or dark areas that automatically come on and off.

Picture quality has improved dramatically over the past few years for surveillance.If you currently have a surveillance system and it isn’t working properly or just doesn’t have a good picture it can be replaced.Some of the old wiring may also be used depending on what wiring was originally installed.We only use the trusted name brands that have been making surveillance equipment for many years for dependability reasons.

High definition is the new standard that can be viewed locally or remotely from a computer, laptop or a smartphone.

Smart Motion Detection

High Definition viewing in the palm of your hand!

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