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Medical Alert System installed in Boswell

Medical Alert System installed in Boswell with a wireless pennant.No phone line required on this unit because it operates on the cellular network.The most common system is hooked to a phone line and includes the base station with a speaker and button along with the wireless waterproof pennant.The pennant can be on your wrist or worn like a necklace.With the push of a button the monitoring station professional from cms  speaks over the base station and tries to communicate with you,and if no answer the ambulance in dispatched.Other options are available also like a wireless talking pennant.The basic system starts out at just $24.95 per month which includes base unit that hooks to a phone line and a wireless pennant with no long term commitment for this system.The system that uses the cellular network instead of a phone line is just $34.95 per month and requires a 6 month commitment because this unit is activated by the cellular carrier.A lock-box  is another option that has your house key in it placed outside with a combination on it to let the emergency personnel in the house.The monitoring center tells the emergency personnel the code when they are on there way.

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