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Alarm prewire in somerset

Security Alarm

Alarm prewire done in somerset county.This shows us putting in a alarm contact on a door that has a magnet on the door that sets the system off when someone opens the door when the system is armed.Security system prewire begins after the framing and before the insulation of walls and ceilings begin.This allows the easiest placement of sensors to be installed.Extra wires can be put in place for a future add-on also.A basic system for a home would be your exterior doors being wired,keypad,siren and a motion detector.We use Honeywell products for our alarm panels and devices.Many options are available like temperature sensors that activate when maybe your heat source stops working and the temperature falls below the setting in the unit.This can save you lots of repair costs if caught in time.Smoke detectors are an option that notifies the fire company when they detect smoke, unlike electric smoke detectors that only make a sound when they go off.Home automation from the tuxedo touch keypad is a great feature,check it out on our video section on facebook,click here

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