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Surveillance installed in Johnstown


Here we are installing wire molding to place the surveillance wires inside.Surveillance systems can be a multiple cameras  or start with just one camera.The reason we are using wire molding here is because there is no drop ceiling above or in the basement below and the walls are concrete block.In most homes the wires can be installed behind the walls or in the attic.Common places to mount cameras on a house are under the roof overhang or on the corner of the house.Most cameras work at night also if they have infrared leds with a range of several ft up to about 115ft depending on the brand and model number of the camera.The wide angle lens is the most popular lens for cameras,which are more affordable and get a wide view of an area.Adjustable lens cameras cost more but offer a certain spot to be be zoomed in more like a area of a yard or parking lot.A wide view lens if for a scene and a adjustable lens is to be more dialed in on a object or person.

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