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Alarm System

This is a alarm system control panel that we wired today.This high capacity, feature-rich VISTA-20P lets you deliver more value…

Wired Door Contact

Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms can be hard wired or wireless.Wired is the preferred way for us to install a system because of…

Security Alarm

Alarm prewire in somerset

Alarm prewire done in somerset county.This shows us putting in a alarm contact on a door that has a magnet…

Security Beam Detector

Security beam detectors

Security beam detectors can be used indoor or outdoor day or night.The purpose of these are to protect someone from…

Security Prewire

Security system prewire

Security system prewire begins after the framing and before the insulation of walls and ceilings begin.This allows the easiest placement…

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