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Surveillance cameras in Central City.

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance camera Installation of full 1080p hd from speco .Surveillance cameras systems can be installed indoor or outdoor and be for day or night with infrared leds.Surveillance cameras can have a wide angle lens or an adjustable lens for a closer view of a distant object.Remote viewing of the cameras is capable with a high-speed internet connection.Surveillance cameras systems are nice to check in on things while your away or on vacation.Camera systems can be just one camera to start and be added to down the road to fit your budget.The dvr that operates this camera is a 32 channel hybrid unit which means that up to 32 cameras can be hooked into this unit.The most popular cameras systems are 4  or 8 channel, for future expansion there is a  16 channel unit available.The higher the channel the dvr the bigger the hard drive to support the extra memory needed to record.Recording can be set to record all the time,certain hours, or days,or a combination of motion recordings.This kind of camera uses cat5e.The new technology to easily  replace older cameras and dvr that already have coax wire in place is called mpx by flir.If you have an existing  surveillance camera system and need an upgrade,we can sometimes use your existing wires depending on what kind of wire you have.For more information give us a call or email.

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