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Surveillance in Johnstown

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance camera,1080p,2.1 megapixel, and auto focus zoom lens with infrared for inside or outside day or night.This camera is made by flir and you can check this particular camera out by clicking here.This camera is very small and has a very good picture.The dvr that operates this camera is a 4 channel 1 terabyte unit which means that up to 4 cameras can be hooked into this unit.If more cameras are needed or for future expansion there is a 8 or 16 channel unit available.The higher the channel the dvr the bigger the hard drive to support the extra memory needed to record is needed.Recording can be set to record all the time,certain hours, or days,or a combination of motion recordings.To view these cameras remotely you have to have high speed internet that the dvr can plug into.The cameras can be viewed from a smartphone,laptop,computer or tablet. This kind of camera uses coax wire that is an easy retrofit to replace older cameras and dvr that already have coax wire in place and helps with the cost of wire and labor.This technology that uses coax wire is called mpx.If a new system is installed we run cat5e or cat6 wire to take advantage of the higher megapixel  surveillance cameras that keep getting better each year.The higher the pixels the clearer the image when zoomed in.If the camera is to cover a small area like a small room or hallway a 1.3 megapixel will work fine.When trying to cover a larger area, the higher 3 megapixel surveillance camera would be the better fit or adding another camera at another section of the area that you need covered.One option is to get a 1 camera and dvr and then add to the system later whenever it meets your budget.

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