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Camera Installation

surveillance installation

This surveillance installation is being installed in schedule 40 pcv pipe to protect the wire from the weather. This camera…

Hd dome camera

Hd dome camera and a motion detector for a security alarm is pictured here.


Surveillance motion

Surveillance motion detectors are used to get a more accurate detection of when there is motion to show the customer…


Surveillance upgrade

Here we are replacing an old surveillance system with a new 1.3 megapixel hd dvr system using the existing wires.By…

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance camera

Surveillance camera with wide angle lens and infrared for night viewing.This camera is 720p and can be mounted inside or…

Surveillance system prewire

Surveillance system prewires are done after the framing of a home or business and before the walls and ceilings get…

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance in Johnstown

Surveillance camera,1080p,2.1 megapixel, and auto focus zoom lens with infrared for inside or outside day or night.This camera is made…

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